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Dear Buyers, To buy Probes, Explorers Periodontal Instruments Just contact us Directly. We are Manufacturers Cum International Exporters All kinds of Dental Instruments. Dental probes are marked in millimeters to measure the depth of periodontal pockets. Dental Explorer or sickle probe is an instrument in dentistry commonly used in the dental armamentarium. A sharp point at the end of the explorer is used to enhance tactile sensation. In the past it was usual for dentists to use the explorer to probe teeth for the presence of cavities. Peridontal instruments Used to Remove plaque and calculus from the Tooth surface. Scaling instruments can be divided into two types: manual and power driven instruments. The manual instruments include: sickle Scalers, Curettes, files, hoes and chisels. The power driven instruments include sonic and ultrasonic scalers.

Probes Explorers Periodontal

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  1. Dental Explorer Set

    Dental Explorer Set Stainless Steel.

  2. Periodontal Dental Probe

    Periodontal Dental Probe Stainless Steel.

  3. Periodontal Probes

    Periodontal Probes Stainless Steel.

  4. Probe Periodontal

    Probe Periodontal Stainless Steel.

  5. Periodontal Probe

    Periodontal Probe Stainless Steel.

  6. Periodontal Probe Flat Working End

    Periodontal Probe Flat Working End Stainless Steel.

  7. Probe Handle Anatomical

    Probe Handle Anatomical Stainless Steel.

  8. Probe Anatomical Handle

    Probe Anatomical Handle Stainless Steel.

  9. Probe Dental Point

    Probe Dental Point Stainless Steel.

  10. Probe Point Unscrewable

    Probe Point Unscrewable Stainless Steel.

Set Descending Direction


Items 1 to 10 of 16 total

  1. 1
  2. 2