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During Medical processs, Surgery & Even for Patient Care, necessary Surgical Utensils are Required. Hospital Holloware or medical utensils are utilitarian items required at any healthcare center or even for convalescing patients at home. We offer a complete range of durable, corrosion resistant stainless steel and also plastic utensils used at all hospitals and health structures. Kidney trays, bed pans, urinals, surgical instrument trays, Gallipot & sputum mugs, dressing drums, forceps jars Related Holloware Instruments. Dear Buyers, you can Purchase Holloware Instruments at Very Reasonable Rates With Premium Quality & We Supply Holloware Instruments According to Customer Demands & Specification.

Holloware Instruments

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  1. Dressing Drums

    Dressing Drums Stainless Steel.

  2. Hospital Holloware Tray

    Hospital Holloware Tray Stainless Steel.

  3. Instrument Tray with Lid

    Instrument Tray with Lid Stainless Steel.

  4. Placenta Pan

    Placenta Pan Stainless Steel.

  5. Holloware Instruments

    Holloware Instruments Stainless Steel.

  6. Sterlization Drums

    Sterlization Drums Stainless Steel.

  7. Metal Cup

    Metal Cup Stainless Steel.

  8. Petri Dish Holloware

    Petri Dish Holloware Stainless Steel.

  9. Petri Dishes

    Petri Dishes Stainless Steel.

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Items 1 to 10 of 12 total

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