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Elastrator Heavy Duty Plier

Elastrator Heavy Duty Plier


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  • Elastrator Heavy Duty Plier

Elastrator Heavy Duty Plier

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Elastrator Heavy Duty Plier Stainless Steel.


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Elastrator Heavy Duty Plier:

Elastrator Heavy Duty Plier Related Veterinary Instruments. Elastrator Heavy Duty Plier Can Used for Docking & Prolapes.The Process of Castration for Removal or Destruction of Testicles. Band Castration is Modern, Easy & Bloodless Method in Calves, Young Goats & Lambs. Testicles are Killed by Obstructing Blood Supply. Young Calf can be Castrated with Rubber Rings, Band Castration Cuts Off Blood Supply to Testicles. Lack of Blood Supply Kills Testicles. Any Feeling of Discomfort will Quickly Leave Animal as the Parts Become Numb. In time, Scrotum & Testicles Fall from Body. 

Rings Must Be Strong Enough to Cut Off Blood Flow. Pull Both Testicles into Scrotum. Place Rubber Band on Elastrator. Hold Elastrator With Prongs Facing Up. Close Handles to Open Band. With Calf Standing & Both Testicles in Scrotum, Stretch Ring Open & Slip Open Band Up Over Scrotum. Release Band Above Top of Testicles 0.5cm, Kindly Check  and be Sure Both Testicles are Still in Tip of Scrotum & That Ring is Placed Properly If not, Cut Ring with Scissors & Start Again.Remove the Elastrator from Under The Band.

 KT Surgico is the Leading Manufacturers Cum International Exporters of Elastrator Heavy Duty Plier, All Kinds of Veterinary Instruments With Superb Quality at Best Prices. 

Elastrator Heavy Duty Plier Features:

  • Elastrator Heavy Duty PlierFine Quality.
  • Elastrator Heavy Duty Plier Related: Veterinary Instruments.
  • Elastrator Heavy Duty Plier Quantity: 1Pcs.
  • Elastrator Heavy Duty Plier Easy to Use.
  • Elastrator Heavy Duty Plier Size: 22.5cm. 
  • Elastrator Heavy Duty Plier Working Efficiency High, Have More Work Done in Less Time.
  • Elastrator Heavy Duty Plier Test Performance: Performance Test, Boil Test, Shape Test.
  • Elastrator Heavy Duty Plier Make to Precise Specifications & Exacting Quality Standard.
  • Elastrator Heavy Duty Plier Made According to ISO Standard.
  • KT Surgico Produce & Supply Elastrator Heavy Duty Plier As Customer Demands.
  • Material: German / Japanese Stainless Steel.

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